Barrett - Pars Boostan
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Barrett was established in Parma, in 1917.
At the end of the 1800s, when the cultural and natural scenario followed mainly in the footsteps of the so-called “Grand Tour”, John Richardson Barrett, the owner of a well-known tannery in the East End of London, decided to take a trip to Italy, a country he had heard so much about in the social circles he frequented habitually.
During his travels the need arose for a new pair of shoes, more appropriate for Italian summer weather, and in Parma “Tanzi e Zanlari”, master shoemakers with a shop that was quite renowned in the Emilia region at that time.
Here Barrett discovered the understated elegance of airy design and total comfort, matchless finish and unequalled fit. With great satisfaction he order two pairs and then offered to supply “Tanzi e Zanlari” with the best batches and leather once he got back to London. It was the start of an incredibly successful partnership. In actual fact, in 1917 the heirs merged their businesses here in Parma and founded the Barrett company.