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Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti COLLECTION

Giuseppe Zanotti is an Italian shoe designer. Zanotti was born in San Mauro Pascoli, a village near Rimini, Italy. Zanotti started his fashion career in the 2000s. In the beginning, he started working locally with small craftsmen and then as a freelance designer working with fashion houses.

In 1994, Zanotti took over a small shoemaking company, the Vicini shoe factory, and devoted his time to designing and manufacturing his own shoes.

With a small workshop employing 15 people, including a jeweler, a heel and tree expert and an embroiderer, he started work on his first collection. In 2000, Zanotti opened his first boutique in Milan. Further boutiques were opened in New York City, Paris, Houston, London, Moscow, Dubai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing etc., reaching fifty stores globally.