Manteau - Pars Boostan
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PARSBOOSTAN GROUP was founded in 1974; it has been the leading Multi Brand Department Store fashion business for the past 42 years in Iran.

Our professional group after much continuous efforts was finally able to gather some collection of the European Fashion Clothing.
The Main goal is to present the best products with the highest quality and diversity to our dear Customers and fellow citizens at PARSBOOSTAN GROUP in 1,800 square meters through 4th Floor
To represent the Customers’ favorite Brands in the best way.
We have got over 15,000 Customers and every one of them have got a detailed file, through which we are able to recognize their interests, sizes, the Brands they mostly buy, And the volume of their purchase.
All the Customers of PARSBOOSTAN are from the wealthy and rich group of the society. Most of them are the educated people, Famous Actors & Actresses, Artists, Sport Stars…
Please note that the Iranian Market offers really unique potentials and opportunities, So We hereby kindly would like to enter in business negotiation with you and discuss the possibility of the direct mutual cooperation with you.
We also suggest you to ask for the presentation of PARSBOOSTAN GROUP through a letter to Iran- Italy Chamber of Commerce at the below Address and make a research about US in Tehran.